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It does not want to concede anything to those who dream of turning it into an authentically progressive organization. It has therefore proven irresistible to establishment Democrats determined to stave off demands from leftish-progressive-populist types in their own party. Among a lot of Democrats,” Sunkara told last January, “it seems like that conversation has been halted.

I blame the focus on Russia, largely.” To make matters worse from a progressive perspective, Russiagate is a losing strategy, even a “conspiracy trap” (Masha Gessen) for progressives.

Russiagate is, among things, a false-flag fabrication designed to help the DNC and the Democratic Party elite avoid responsibility for blowing the election.

The “dismal Dems” (Doug Henwood’s phrase) went with a wooden, Wall Street-captive, and (sorry) crooked candidate who couldn’t mobilize enough working- and lower-class and minority voters to defeat the hyper-poisonous and widely hated Trumpenstein.

S is now essentially a corporate-financial oligarchy in which the working-class majority’s policy preferences are largely irrelevant regardless of which party or what party configuration holds sway in Washington. None of this has happened because Bernie Sanders continues to insult the Eugene Debs poster that sits in his office by being a Democratic Party company man.

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And that has meant playing along obediently with Russiagate.

” Sanders said this: “what priority is more important than making sure that we expand the middle class, that people have decent wages, decent benefits, and decent healthcare?

The Democratic Party has got to be in the middle of this struggle in Mississippi, in Vermont and all over this country.” It’s good that Sanders went to support auto workers in the Deep South.

It was clear when he came out to Iowa City in December of 2014 to give a speech so focused on the terrible Republicans that a professor had to remind him that corporate and imperial Democrats are a problem too. It was evident when he failed to go for the jugular against “the lying neoliberal warmonger” (LNW) Hillary Clinton during the primary race.

Senator Bernie Sanders (“I”-VT) is not the independent left politician many progressives claim he is. That has been clear from his long Congressional record of voting with the neoliberal, dollar-drenched Democrats and accepting their seniority-based committee assignments. presidency as a Democrat and promised to back the Democrats’ eventual nominee (Hillary Clinton).


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