Essay Adolescence Stage

There are several milestones connected to physical developments in early as well as middle childhood.

Physical developmental change might take place as an outcome of genetically-controlled courses known as maturation, or even as a product of varied environmental factors and learning.

On the other hand, boys do outpace girls in development as well as thickening of the muscle during the adolescent ages, resulting into a surge in the strength of boys.

Physical development in a child attracts corresponding augment in cognitive abilities of the cerebral cortex and by extension neural pathways.

For example, reaction blockage in the frontal lobes as synchronized by the limbic system is never entirely developed till young adulthood, as well as (VO2 max) heart and lung power which does never get to optimal heights until the young adult years.

Essay Adolescence Stage

Stoker (2008) hints that immune functioning related to B cell and T cell also counts young adults’ aging.It is highly believed that correlation exists between physical development and cognitive development.For instance, a French speaking Swiss psychologist, Jean Piaget did trust that the cerebral expansion spurts which occur during adolescence stage of human growth brings with a novel stage of cognitive development which he referred to as the formal operational stage.During middle age aging begins to be considered in decline and loss in lieu of maturation and growth (Stoker, 2008).Nonetheless, Stoker states that some neurological and physiological advancement associated with it which never passes till early maturity.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.According to Patterson (2008), these advances allow for the accomplishment of invented audiences (mainly built from an apparent peer group).In This manner the adolescent has the rare ability to theorize and memorize about other individual’s perceptions and by extension impressions of themselves; while, a little child only manages to view situations, circumstances and behaviors from their personal perspective.Indeed during the first few years of puberty, the male and female reproductive organs matures up and are capable of respectively producing sperm in boys and ovum in girls.In the early adolescence stage, young women do begin their menarche (menstrual cycle).


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