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Also the study find out that some of the people are wondering if the volunteers can use the money speeding for international volunteering for the communities in their countries, like helping in local church among others : You have to wonder if she could be more useful spending the money and time that got her to Sri Lanka on helping communities here?I spend about a day a week running the community crafts group, a day every second week I volunteer for the Tourist Welcome centre, and also about a day a week representing consumers and carers on various Mental Health committees.

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( Ken) I think it is great to see young people helping out in these poor countries.

( Mary) Louise clearly has a passion for conservation having traveled internationally.

In an average week I spend about 12 hours looking after injured wildlife(Bernadette) Costs or Rewards or Motivator As said that volunteering is unpaid work most people believe they can get their rewards by being shown appreciation, recognition and even small gestures: The most important thing I think volunteers should be offered is recognition, there is such a materialistic focus in our society that volunteer work isn’t valued at all, its seem as somehow lesser than the work people get paid for which I think it is wrong, volunteers should be valued more precisely because they are not getting paid for working.

You don’t volunteer to be thanked, but it is good to know that your effort is acknowledged and appreciated. (Anna) For example, I got a lovely letter last week from the sister of a gentleman who has been shuffled between the Townsville hospital and the police cells because noone would take responsibility and get him the help he needed.

(Mary) When I was much younger I used to help organize the church Saturday Night Socials that we put on for the younger members of the parish.

(Fredrick) The study found the typical volunteers are people who have time,and can avoid to work without pay and most of all are with community-minded spirit are and generous: Well, as I said, someone with a community-minded spirit and plenty of spare time.One typical worker is probably the older woman in her 60-70s.Some people do volunteering due to connection to the project or even due to that their family has volunteer in the cause: Where I volunteer there are many women like me who had relatives (my Mum was there) at the nursing home and visited regular…When their relatives passed away they continued coming to help out, maybe just to keep in touch.(Mary) But then volunteers can often take part in getting sponsorships etc.. Volunteering gives you an opportunity to change people's lives, including your own.The volunteers now have specific expectations and also volunteering has become project orientated ( Rehberg, 2005).METHODS FINDINGS The purpose of the study was to find why Australians do volunteering and three themes were found and these are volunteering, family and costs or rewards.(Mary) You often hear about people who have had an illness or lost a child or whatever, they end-up volunteering for a related cause.(Mary) Often volunteers are connected in some way to their cause – through a family connection( Bernadatte) The study also found that most of people who do international volunteering are young people and so many of them are found to be exceptional, passionate and amazing to be doing this: Helping others in a different country must be an amazing feeling and Louise must be an exceptional person to do this type of work.For instance, a friend of mine worked in a community centre for over 20 years.(Phoebe) All of them did not just know the meaning of volunteering; they have actually done some sort of volunteering: Yes I have been volunteering for the past five years at a nursing home.


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