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His parents had jobs, but they did not make enough to have a great life. let us live a better life." He told me that he is not rich, because he moved to the United States, but he lives a middle class life. He experienced culture shock when moving from Mexico to the U. It was still hard to have a conversation with him; I had to listen very carefully to understand everything. I decided that people ask that question just to be nice and for a proper greeting. Imagine if everyone did that, we would not get anything done in our day.The reason they came to the United States was for better job opportunities. Discussing these thoughts with my group members helped me learn about new cultures and helped them out as well. The experiences gained from each of these exercises helped me to have a better sociological view on things.

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The assignment you are given may ask you to compare and contrast two different cultures, or to compare your own culture to a culture with which you are unfamiliar.

Pick a culture you are interested in, within the constraints of your assignment.

Starting your cultural differences essay can be a challenging undertaking.

After all, the traditions and social expectations of any culture are so broad that it can be difficult to find a starting point.

It was interesting to see if they related to each other at all, but I found that they did not.

- I chose to compare and contrast the United States culture with the culture in Japan.

Choosing a specific aspect of two cultures to research narrows down the topic, leaving you one or two issues to focus on in detail.

When writing an essay on cultural differences, the first question to address is which cultures to write about.

These reference books often direct you to more specific references on your topic of interest, such as books, journal articles and online sources.

You are likely to find, for example, a variety of sources about different levels of formality expectations in two cultures.


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