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Lowell and the senior class; yelling at your friends from the 2nd floor of the Arillaga and quickly hiding to confuse them; and that hour or two conversation you had with so-and-so about life.

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I didn’t run for ASB because it showed leadership on my Common Application; I ran because I love working with people and collaborating on ideas for the community.

I didn’t start teaching yoga because it was “different” and “gave me an edge” in the college admissions sweepstakes; I did it because yoga has always made me feel perfectly content with my day or week regardless of what I have going on.

Highly technical subjects such as mathematics and science have also proven to be difficult to teach well online.

The Alberta Online Consortium evaluated student performance on end-of-year exams among virtual school students across the province and found that virtual school student scores in mathematics at grades 3, 6, 9, and 12, and the sciences at grades 6 and 9 lagged significantly behind scores of no virtual school students (Schollie, 2001).

Success comes in a variety of ways: academic success, social success, financial success (except babysitting hasn’t really been cutting it).

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But the kind of success that I’m describing is not something that comes in the form of a transcript or an Instagram post with this or that person.

For example, Bond (2002) found that distance between tutor and learner in an online instrumental music program has negative effects on performance quality, student engagement, and development and refinement of skills and knowledge.

Students in a virtual classroom show less improvement than those in conventional schools in listening and speaking skills (Barker & Wendel, 2001).

Virtual schooling, like the classroom has limited success in some situations.

In an online environment, students may feel isolated, parents may have concerns about children’s social development, students with language difficulties could experience a disadvantage in a text-heavy online environment, and subjects requiring physical demonstrations of skill such as music or physical education may not be practical in a technology-mediated setting.


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