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For me, there has always been an uncanny sense of aloneness that accompanies the fruition of a long-anticipated achievement or conclusion, like the completion of a degree or the finishing of a semester.I remember especially a particular moment from my own graduate career that was simultaneously mundane and poignant.And, eventually, the goal arrives, whether that goal is the conferral of a degree pursued for years or simply the achievement of surviving until the end of the semester and the last grades have been filed.

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Several days after I had defended my dissertation I was couriering some of my paperwork between offices, tying up bureaucratic loose ends. It was a moment strangely fulfilling and distressing at the same time, a gratifying melancholy, if there can be such a thing.

The hallways were empty, as if campus had been momentarily abandoned by all but me, and the import of the occasion struck me. was simultaneously very real and vaguely disappointing. To a lesser extent, I realize now that I have a similar feeling at the end of each semester, and especially at the end of the spring semester.

Graduate students less far along in their studies may be wrapping up comprehensive exams, qualifying exams, or some other momentous intermediary step on the path to obtaining their degrees.

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Undergraduates either graduate or knock off another year in their own progress toward degrees.But, if I allow myself to be quiet, I also realize how many things have been accomplished since that bright day in August when the academic year began.And it is too soon to think about the next bright day in August.The academic life and the academic calendar are packed full of climactic, sometimes even life-changing, moments, for us and for our students.Or more routinely, those of us not set to experience such a large milestone this spring move ever closer, if toward nothing else, then toward the end of the semester and the conclusion of another academic year.It is a time of exhausted and necessary introspection.At the end of the semester, when this feeling of quietness and finitude arrives, my preference is to spend time alone, to have time just to think and to be.I never needed anyone to do my homework for me until I got a part-time job in college.Good thing I did my research and chose this website to outsource all the essays.My point is that we all have and need our routines, our ways of concluding and transitioning.Almost inevitably, I realize also at this time how many of my goals for the past year have gone unfilled, articles not yet written, ideas not yet acted upon, problems not yet mastered.


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