Essay About Reading Is My Hobby

My favorite hobby is creative writing that I enjoy doing.It finds it challenging and is easy when you start doing it; you need time and practice to be better at this.

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Not only this, but it also makes me healthy by breathing in the fresh air surrounded by plants and trees.

Different people have different hobbies, and it doesn’t have to be a particular hobby like some people like to do singing while cooking, some people are crazy about makeup and dress up.

So it is very important to engage in activities that improve yourself, and you get to explore yourself.

Hobby is the activity that keeps you involved on a daily basis in your leisure time apart from the work that we do for a living; the hobby is something that you enjoy doing in our free time.

So it depends on you how you would like to spend your free time.

For me it’s reading and writing, it not only passes your time but you also get to learn new words and be creative and write about something you like and who knows by making it a hobby, you end up becoming a writer in the future.

Some people have hobbies like collecting coins or stamps, and they also know a lot about these things because they love to collect these things, so it depends on person to person that what hobbies they have.

Because every person has different likes and dislikes and it’s also important to have a hobby so that people get distracted from their stressful routine and get some me time.

In a nutshell, engage in activities that are healthy, makes you creative, is stress-free and is cost-effective and you learn something in the end because hobbies tell a lot about the kind of person you are and it also shapes your personality, so it is important to choose your hobbies wisely.

People have many hobbies like watching TV, chatting with friends, cooking, going out with friends and family, reading or any sport.


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