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Internet is very useful for those who wants to learn but are unable to attend regular classes due to some reasons.

It provides a great source for income for a student and also improves his/her own skills.

The student who are shy and are not able to raise their questions in their class rooms get their doubts cleared online.

Introduction Discursive essay-mobile phones Mobile phones have become a must have accessory in the modern world, but are they actually good for bad or us?

Many people have different views on mobile phones but in my view mobile phones have a bigger argument for.

One of the main arguments for mobile phones is that they can be essential in emergencies.

If you are involved in an accident and you are far away from any help.Criminals would break your car windows just steal your mobile phone, which can be even more costly than the phone Mobile phone can also cause accidents on the road.Drivers are always tempted to pick up the phone if someone is calling, if they do answer it they will be distracted and will be a danger to other drivers, pedestrians and themselves. Conclusion Now that there is text-messaging people don't even need to talk to the other person this is even less social.It is a big reality that students take a lot of help from internet nowadays.The use of computer and internet has led to a huge change in the lifestyle and attitude towards studies.However mobile phones can be very expensive which inevitably means you are a bigger target for crime.This can put you into life threatening positions, if the criminal was to confront you with a weapon.Student can communicate with the companies according to their interests through these websites.It is seen in the researches that students who use internet show increase in cognitive abilities such as memory, spatial and logical problem solving, critical thinking, concentration, abstraction and comprehension.All and all I believe that mobile phones are useful in all aspects of our lives.When using a mobile you should not be driving or crossing the road because you aren't just risking your own life but everyone around you.


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