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Recognizing Yourself as a Mentor Think of the many ways that you have been mentored through the years and consider giving time of yourself to others in the same way.You need not be a senior professor to mentor others.You should also document the mentoring you do for colleagues in your annual reviews, whether it’s reading grant proposals and papers, observing classroom dynamics, or helping your mentee develop a writing schedule.

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One assistant professor relayed to us a story about spending 15 to 20 hours preparing for every class session because he did not know how much was enough.

Tenure and promotion criteria are equally ambiguous, in large part because they are based almost entirely on peer review.

Publications and awards may be the conventional metrics of success in academic careers, but that is not what ultimately nourishes most of us.

What sustains faculty members are our relationships with others.

That makes mentoring from faculty colleagues vital.

Yet unlike the standard office environment, academic work has fewer team situations in which mentoring might take place.

Without daily contact, friendships and mentoring relationships do not evolve as naturally as they might in other environments.

Identifying Your Mentors Academics thrive when they have a mentoring network of friends and colleagues with whom they can exchange advice, ranging from the academic to the emotional.

Given the underrepresentation of minorities in higher education, it is crucial that white male professors be proactive about adding themselves to the mentoring networks of faculty of color and women.

Mentoring requires an investment of time, which is in short supply for faculty members.


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