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That the Islamic State (IS) and al-Qaeda Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) claim many of these recent attacks casts a pall over Bangladesh’s ostensible success.Despite these troubling signs, security professionals and analysts have neglected Bangladesh.Bangladesh is an important provider of global security, and is consistently one of the largest contributors to United Nations Peacekeeping Missions.

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*** On 12 December, a 27-year old named Akayed Ullah attempted—but failed—to set off a pipe bomb in the New York City subway.Mujib’s government outlawed the Je I (now known as Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh, or BJe I) for its wartime crimes against Bengalis.The current AL Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is fulfilling a long-standing promise to prosecute BJe I activists, among others, in a controversial war crimes tribunal.Bangladesh’s two mainstream political parties are known more for their rivalry, corruption, and incompetence than for governance.Since independence, Bangladesh has experienced creeping Islamism that continues to enjoy popular support.Her government has carried out several death sentences accordingly.Over time, the resurgent importance of Bangladeshis’ personal identity as Muslim made it difficult for the government to maintain its commitment to secularism.He hailed from Bangladesh, a country that few Americans had ever heard of.While Ullah may be the one of the first Bangladeshi terrorists to make the front page of American newspapers, he may not be the last.While secularism allowed citizens to separate their identities as Bangladeshis (distinct from Bengalis in India) on the one hand and as Muslims on the other, it did not eliminate the importance of personal faith, and openly criticizing Islam was politically unpopular.The role of Islam deepened as Mujib sought to secure the support of other Muslim countries to rebuild the war-torn country and burnish his legitimacy; however, most Muslim states saw Bengali independence as a means to destroy Pakistan and divide the Muslim world.


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