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Any business with employees that work remotely […] continue reading...Once upon a time, way back in the hot summer of 1995, a New Bedford social worker had an epiphany.

According to a Software Advice survey 66% of businesses looking to invest in an ERP system are not currently using one.

That’s a lot of potential ERP buyers without experience in choosing or implementing a system that will be at the heart of their business.

What exactly is digital transformation and more importantly, how can it benefit your business?

Because businesses differ, the way they define digital transformation can vary. With over 450 radio stations in 90 markets across the United States, Cumulus Media was running into some serious problems disseminating information from their single, centralized Microsoft Dynamics GP database which they maintained on-site in Atlanta, Georgia.

California-based manufacturer and distributor of LED indication solutions boosts revenue by 300 percent with SAP Business By Design cloud suite, a complete, integrated and adaptable on-demand solution.

Visual Communications Company, LLC (VCC) recently went live with the SAP® Business By Design® solution, a complete, integrated and adaptable on-demand solution for subsidiaries of large enterprises, upper midmarket and […] continue reading...Key benefits Haarslev designs and manufactures innovative equipment and solutions for companies in the food processing and rendering industry around the globe.In addition to serving clients engaged in meat and poultry rendering, fish processing, and food and feed processing, Haarslev also creates and produces specialty equipment for processing biofuel, biomass, and sludge.But basically, digital transformation happens when you rethink your business processes in terms of what is possible using up to date technology. Their business was evolving and they needed better accessibility, better scalability, better reliability, and better support. You might have already heard some things about cloud manufacturing.Maybe you've heard it's an innovative tool or that it helps increase production efficiency, but there are 5 things everyone should know about the cloud that we'll be discussing in this article continue reading...A core solution and template in Rapid Value set the standard for the project.Any process changes will be documented in Rapid Value, where it’s easy to model their impact on other processes and the roles performing them.Hershey is a major corporation that made a switch from […] continue reading...Haarslev Industries, a leader in the rendering industry, grew largely by acquisition.Haarslev considers business processes as a critical, strategic asset in running a global company.Preben Nielsen, ERP Project Manager at Haarslev Industries, says, “If you don’t have a process approach, you won’t be able to evolve.” Consolidating on a single ERP system worldwide required Haarslev to implement master data management and standardize its processes.


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