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However, a habit analysis can also examine other kinds of behavior, such as personal writing habits or established social customs.

Issue Analysis: (*REQUIRED*) In an issue analysis, students are asked to explain the debate surrounding a contested issue.

Annotations may also include a short response or a statement of potential uses for the source.

These annotations are intended to be tools for students as they work on later essays; annotations should be designed to help them quickly remember how each source might be useful in their writing.

Event Analysis: In an event analysis, students are asked to explain the contexts and controversies surrounding a particular event.

The event can be something in the past or something that students experience firsthand.For example, students can conduct textual analyses of each other's work based on grading criteria.Visual Analysis: In a visual analysis, students are asked to examine an ad, website, or other form of visual media.How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography (with sample) | Assignment Sheet Causal Analysis: In a causal analysis, students are asked to investigate the known or possible causes of a situation, trend, or phenomenon through extensive research.At its most basic, a causal analysis seeks to answer the question "Why?An event analysis may examine the causes of the event, the activities during the event, the circumstances surrounding the event, or the consequences of the event.But the focal point is always the particular event and the parties involved.This type of reading can be expanded into an evaluation of a source, in which students must conduct a rhetorical analysis of their own materials.As part of this evaluation, students can examine the presentation of information, underlying assumptions, audience awareness, and possible uses of the source in future projects.Some teachers create assignments to isolate and target this skill, which ask students to pull together multiple sets of ideas in order to compare, contrast, evaluate and discover new insights.Synthesis essay and in-class practice | Literature review and synthesis Textual Analysis: In a textual analysis, students are asked to examine a non-literary text (such as a scholarly article) and describe the way that it functions or serves a specific purpose.


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