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Failure to do so could have resulted in a serious injury, as farm machinery is not forgiving.

Failure to do so could have resulted in a serious injury, as farm machinery is not forgiving.

Although I have not had a great deal of time to spend with my mother and father, I know that they both want the best for me.

Just graduating from high school was an accomplishment that they were un able to achieve.

I just hope they do not burn the house down while trying to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

Over the last four years, I have formed a bond with both of them.

I will be laying out a schedule, as I learned a few years ago that having a plan makes for a better study session.

I also learned to focus on my least favorite subjects first.When they found out that I had the chance to go to college due to a scholarship, they were overjoyed.Obviously, I want to spend as much time with them as I possibly can; since the twins will not be home, I think there will be a bit more "me" time with my mother and father. These next few months will be busy for me, and there is a great deal that I need to get done before I leave for Norfolk.We are close, and I do hope that my being over two hundred miles from home will not dampen their spirits.I certainly appreciate the times I have had with them.Many nights I had to make dinner and help the twins with their homework before I was able to begin my own studies.Fortunately for me, the twins will be gone for the summer. However, the lessons I've learned in doing so will guide me through my efforts as I prepare for college. In the event there is down time, I will be able to study. Of course there will be a few hours at night when I can also study.As a result, I simply need to carry with me the requested produce. Forty years ago, he just filled the truck and hauled the "farm," just hoping to sell what he had. Because of refrigeration and the Internet, I will take only what I need; little will be lost to spoilage.Pap is allowing me to keep all profits from these routes this summer.Prompt: For many students, the time of transition between high school and college is not long at all.They graduate in late May or early June and enter postsecondary education in August.


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