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Now that I am in Denver, though, I drink coffee out of a Styrofoam cup and eat my meals off of plastic plates. Europe has been largely peaceful since the end of World War II. But with memories of the violence now fading and nationalism on the rise, it is far from certain that peace will remain the status quo.

Maracaibo used to be the Dallas of Venezuela, it's wealth fueled by oil.

In this week's epic clash between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the House of Commons, parliament appears to have won round one. Adidas and Nike are locked in bitter competition for the right to represent players and teams with the greatest global reach.

It is a battle that cements the gap between the rich and the poor in world football.

The debut of Dutch coach John van ’t Schip on the Greece bench marked one more defeat for the national team, the third in succession, as the 1-0 loss to Finland on Thursday at Tampere leaves Greece all but out of the Euro 2020 finals.

The Benaki Museum has announced the re-opening of the home where Irish writer Patrick Leigh Fermor and his wife, the English photographer Joan, spent some of the best years of their lives, in Kardamyli in the Peloponnese's Mani region.What do cicadas have to do with lasers and cellphone screens?The question would leave most of us scratching our heads, but not the Greek scientific team at Biomimetic, which, as the name suggests, develops technology that mimics elements found in the natural world.More The Dutch government must invest in ensuring the Netherlands remains a pleasant place to live as tourism continues to grow, an influential advisory body said on Friday.The Council for the Environment and Infrastructure said ministers must immediately pump money into dealing with the negative impact of tourism because the country is now at a ‘crossroads’.Tax minister Menno Snel said in April the cabinet was looking into ways of cutting the amount of tax paid by people whose assets are primarily in the form of savings.The government currently uses ‘fictitious interest rates’ of upwards of 2% to decide how much income people have from their assets, and...Eurozone central banks’ profits from Greek bond holdings (SMPs and ANFAs) could be used for productive investments in Greece, a senior eurozone official said on Friday, opening the way for boosting the Public Investments Program to the tune of 1.2-1.3 billion euros per year.In his first appearance at the Thessaloniki International Fair as prime minister on Saturday night, Kyriakos Mitsotakis is expected to outline the basic parameters of a four-year plan under the slogan “Growth for all” with a series of tax reductions anticipated to feature in his speech.This year’s honored country is India, while there will also be a special section dedicated to Greek startups.Beijing is building a megacity in the Pearl River Delta that it hopes will one day rival New York and Tokyo.


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