English Essays On Climate Change

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Read this sample essay: An Analysis of the Characteristics of El Nino, a Weather Phenomenon., this story printed by Yahoo summarizes a study published in Nature Communications. utm_term=.490976a3d77b The content of this article can be summed up in its opening sentence: “Earth’s 2016 surface temperatures were the warmest since modern recordkeeping began in 1880, according to independent analyses by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).”Published by NASA and NOAA, this article easily passes the CRAAP test and can be considered credible.

The study indicates that the pace of climate change is “highly unusual” and could result in a climate warmer than it has been in the past 420 million years. Al Gore explains why he’s optimistic about stopping global warming. Need some insight on writing an essay about the surface temperature of Earth?

Scientists believe that, if their theories are correct, temperatures will spike once again.

Need a starting off point to explore how oceans and trade winds affect the climate?

Need even more help locating credible sources on global warming?

Read 5 Best Resources to Help With Writing a Research Paper.You can use this website as inspiration to help you find a narrowed topic if you feel global warming is too broad for your paper.Check out these sample essays to help generate ideas:*Note: APA does not require a citation when citing the full website.Although many still deny the existence of global warming, Gore believes that, because conversations continue, advancements will continue, and eventually “national laws will evolve into global cooperation.”If you’re looking for more information about Al Gore’s opinions on global warming, read this sample essay: An Analysis of the Global Warming Threat by Al Gore in the Film Inconvenient Truth. “Al Gore Explains Why He’s Optimistic about Stopping Global Warming.” The Washington Post, 21 Aug. Greenhouse gasses can be reduced by improving fuel economy in vehicles and relying more on alternative energy sources.This article also links to additional global warming articles published by Nat Geo.The Telegraph (a UK newspaper and website) argues that global warming is a real concern.However, media often misrepresents the truth about global warming for shock value. But our attempts to fix it could be worse than useless. Retrieved from 11205420/Climate-change-is-a-problem.-But-our-attempts-to-fix-it-could-be-worse-than-useless.html), this article highlights the fact that the Trump administration is repealing many Obama-era environmental regulations. Trump’s domestic war on climate action has propelled states into battle. Retrieved from trumps-domestic-war-on-climate-action-has-propelled-sta-1796423123 This article focuses on how global warming affects one specific species of frogs. Tropical lowland frogs at greater risk from climate warming than high-elevation species, study shows. Retrieved from 2017/04/170407103546Huffington Post, this article highlights a study that reports 65% of Americans now believe that climate change is caused by human activity.It provides an overview of global warming and would be an excellent resource for background information or for added information regarding the political connection to climate change. Try reading this sample essay to generate some ideas: An Examination of the Literature on Environmental Politics.This is an in-depth article that discusses the link between greenhouse gas emissions and rising temperatures.This article emphasizes the need to carefully and realistically examine global warming in order to fix it. However, states such as New York and California are pushing back by maintaining their own high standards of climate action plans. This sample essay about his pre-election positions on environment-related topics is a good primer: Donald Trump’s Campaign and His Disregard Towards the Environment. The article (originally published in the Ecology and Evolution journal) explains that Peruvian frogs living at lower elevations are at greatest risk of climate change because “…the lowland creatures already live near the maximum temperatures they can tolerate.”Not into frogs but want to discuss how global warming affects another animal? Gallup pollsters believe the recent years of unseasonably warm weather have likely affected people’s opinions.The article states that focusing on cutting emissions has not worked and “climate economics” should be examined in order to find more effective solutions. Get inspired by this sample essay: The Effects of Human Intervention on Climate Change and Disturbance of Animals. “Tropical Lowland Frogs at Greater Risk From Climate Warming Than High-Elevation Species, Study Shows.” Science Daily, 7 Apr. For some extra ideas on how this could fit into a larger essay, check out this sample essay: Humans’ Responsibility for the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming.


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