English Essay Pleasures Of Reading

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So, Is there any point in going over the 130 odd pages in the book ?

Well, the rest of the book is NOT reiterating this message over and over again.

We have, however, to be very careful in our selection of books to read.

In the world of today, we find countless writers writing very large numbers of booksgood, bad and in-different.

Reading a book is perhaps the greatest source of pleasure to a cultured person.

Reading broadens his outlook, drives away his narrow prejudices and lightens up his mind with truth and knowledge. They never deceive or desert us in our hour of need like so many of our human friends, and the advantages once received from the reading of books remain with us throughout our lives.

", This book is written to answer all such questions.

So one might think this book is basically a recommendation type / instructional / didactic guide to reading.

In fact they have this assumed checklist of books that,`Ought to be read’ by a serious reader.

The author states that this model is broken, and says, "Read at Whim" should be the new model. You should read at Whim, So pick up whatever you feel like reading and the one that you think will give you pleasure. 20 pages in to the book, the author makes this abundantly clear.


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