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Assagioli referred to this calling as the impulse of the transpersonal will.

Assagioli referred to this calling as the impulse of the transpersonal will.

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Most psychotherapists would agree with a basic aim of relief of suffering but the framework within which this suffering is perceived can differ widely. Lawrence is a clear challenge to this view of the human psyche.

Within a medical model, the patient is asked, “What is wrong with you”. An different question is provided in the Grail myth, when Perceval is instructed to ask of the wounded king, “What ails thee?

In 'The Soul's Code'(1996), he develops an alternative view that the child enters the world with some kind of prenatal calling, a destiny which he is careful to distinguish from ideas of pre-destination.

This idea of a calling being at the source of our identity is very much in keeping with Psychosynthesis and many spiritual traditions.

He sought the origins of psychic life beyond the psychological.

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In this sense, Psychosynthesis is a psychology and psychotherapy of Inspiration.

Its tools and exercises facilitate the accompaniment of clients as they reconnect to soul, purpose, vocation and life stream, all while remaining in the concretely pragmatic “here and now”.

The client learns to become, at his/her own speed, the orchestra leader of his/her multiple facets, roles, qualities and sub-personalities.

It pertains to the influence of the spirit on the psyche.

This inspirational context for psychotherapy has several consequences for how psychosynthesis psychotherapy is practiced.


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