Energy Essay 2013

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Despite protests by civil society, the company was awarded the prestigious Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA) standard by a German certification agency, enabling it to sell its carbon certificates in the international voluntary carbon market.

What is hailed by some environmental groups as a successful example of an emerging green economy in rural Africa is dismissed by others as a case of environmentally destructive carbon imperialism and green-washing (Neef 2014).

Oil palm plantations have been associated with the destruction of habitats for some of the world’s critically endangered primates, not only in the rainforests of Borneo, but also in parts of West and Central Africa, where plantations are rapidly expanding (Wich , in press). ‘The ripple effect: biofuels, food security and the environment.’ 49(9): 30-43.

Recent research has also shown that biofuels have a water footprint that is at least 70 times larger on average than that of fossil fuels, casting further doubts on the environmental benefits of biofuels (Gerbens-Leenes 2011; Neef 2014).

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