Encourage Critical Thinking

Encourage Critical Thinking-18
It is the result of the regulation of the Governement and the President Aleksandar Vučić.

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It is understandable to say that in this period the platforms may make mistakes, but after years of existence, a determined action that implies a better way of moderating has to be undertaken.We shoud bare in mind that disinformation is not a domain, it is something which affects all societies.This is not the issue of two or three media outlets, this is a phenomenon influencing the society“, stated de Pedro.In the foreseeable future, we will lack the most powerful asset, and that’s the narrative”, said de Pedro.Tomáš Kriššák, Project Coordinator of Open Society Foundation in Bratislava, said that sometimes he has to stay awake the whole night just in order to prevent disinformation. Every day we wake up and see a new media scene created by an ocean of information, some of which are toxic.I fear that some bosses confuse critical thinking with “read my mind and do things just as I would.” Or they confuse thinking critically with criticizing.It takes no skill to shoot down ideas, but plenty of talent to develop them well.”We are connected 24/7, information is the beating heart of our lives, we use social networks, we created the thing that can be the weapon of mass destruction of the society.We have no idea what will happen and in what circumstances we will find ourselves in 15 or 20 years.Robert Pszczel, Senior Officer for Russia and the Western Balkans of NATO PDD thinks that when speaking about disinformation, one has to put them in a certain context. ”Tradicional media must adhere to the laws, they are responsible if they publish lies.The same thing should apply to platforms, they do not make the exception simply because they are ”platforms”.


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