Encountering Conflict Essays Vce

Encountering Conflict Essays Vce-41
Could you offer us your insights into the impact encountering conflict had on Rooke?

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KG: Rooke was someone who loved language, and I wanted his pleasure in the nuances of English to permeate the narrative voice.

Given that they are required to create a text of their own, which is to be influenced by your choices about language and form, could you help students understand some of the choices you made in relation to the language you used?

For example, your choices about narrative voice, imagery, sentence structure, symbolism, and so on.

Kate Grenville: For me, the most significant kind of conflict is internal.

A conflict in the outside world is just one more thing that happens, but the importance of it is that it gives you a choice of how to react.

When he has to make the decision about going on another punitive expedition, he's prepared to simply refuse.

Coming to know Tagaran's world has let him blossom into his full humanity, and he's ready to pay whatever price he has to for that.

He witnesses conflict between colonists and Aboriginal people (see page 103, for example) but isn't drawn into it.

Later he understands something of how the Aboriginal people feel and is even less prepared to take part in that conflict.


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