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Thus, the character of Eliza Doolittle comes across as being much more instrumental than fundamental.Changes in Eliza in Pygmalion Before Eliza first encountered Mr.

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What do you think Shaw is trying to achieve in highlighting the concept of the romance in the title?

(Hint: You might want to look closely at the written sequel to the play, in which Shaw gives some very strong opinions about romances.) If you were to create a sixth act to Pygmalion, who would Eliza marry? Use the lines and behavior of the characters throughout the first five acts to support the outcome of your finale.

Eliza shows great pride in her line of work, and that she stays above the law, not resorting to illegal prostitution or stealing.

Another way that Shaw shows us the real Eliza is in the way that she starts crawling over the dirty ground to locate the money thrown down at her by Higgins. Higgins to help her fulfill her dream and become a lady in a flower shop: an occupation for which she is not visually or phonetically suited.

Can this be taken as an admirable brand of socialism?

Or does he fail as a compassionate being in his absolutism?She is merely a tool used to enhance Higgins’s reputation in society.Now at the end of the play, she becomes overpowering to Higgins, her beauty becomes murderous as Higgins realizes that she is leaving.While the transformation of Eliza is in process Higgins uses many phoenetical instruments such as a phonograph, a laryngoscope, a row of tiny organ pipes with a bellows, a set of lamp chimneys for singing flames for burners, etc. Higgins, she has been simply a dirty, yet caring girl. Higgins and Colonel Pickering, Eliza did change, for the first few weeks of her stay in Wimpole Street; she questions everything that Higgins asks her to do, and generally couldn’t see how they would help her.Later, Eliza begins to understand that Higgins, as harsh as he is, trying to do his best to teach her, and therefore should be respected.Higgins’ house where she proved that she has learned to speak properly but at the same time she has not learned ‘what and what’s not’ to talk about.She even uses the word ”bloody” when Freddy asks her if she would like to walk across the park. She quite rightly gets very upset when Henry Higgins rambles on about her money, and wanting to throw the “baggage” out of the window.After the ambassador’s ball, we see more of the old Eliza resurfacing.Eliza’s basic character remains relatively unchanged. Act I of the play first introduces the reader to the rich of London.How does Shaw reveal the pruderies, hypocrisies, and inconsistencies of this higher society to which the kerbstone flower girl aspires?Do his sympathies lie with the lower or upper classes?


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