Elements Of A Good Dissertation

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When you think about how to explain this in a dissertation title, it may help to think about the purpose of your research in two ways: (a) your is not amongst the most important aspects of your research.Since you have a limited word count for titles, perhaps you consider another component (e.g., some part of the research strategy) to be more important.

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The structure of a dissertation presents a complicated issue.

Basically, it is the list of your objectives, research methods and personal findings.

It presents a brief survey of literature on the dissertation topic.

It also serves the purpose of giving your audience a legitimate reason to explore the dissertation, stating that the research is original and the paper is written from scratch.

Whether your dissertation is theoretically or empirically driven, or some combination of the two, sometimes you will also have a practical component to your dissertation; that is, you want to draw attention to particular outcomes that you feel are particularly important.

It may be that these outcomes are just one aspect of your dissertation or they may be more fundamental, reflecting the way that the study was design.

In order to avoid inconveniences, it is written according to the guidelines, provided by your professor, which may vary from university to university.

In other words, the structure of a dissertation is an independent element and an authentic research, aimed to possess academic quality and contents.

This article describes each of these components, providing examples of titles for greater clarity.

All dissertation titles should include is the purpose of the research.


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