Electronic Media Essay In Urdu

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By using various electronic media, diverse groups of individuals all over the world can at the same time participate, exchange ideas and review different products or topics.

Additionally, through these media, businesses can solicit help and sponsorship from the various organization and institutions present in these media swiftly by engaged them in these discussions.

This paper analyses the role of technology in electronic and digital media.

It also looks at the historical and the contemporary roles that are played by the media in the daily activities in the society.

Secondly, electronic media promotes marketing for businesses by employing them as tools for communication.

It helps the company to incorporate various media to communicate their products such as through internet, email, texts, and videos among others.Electronic media creates diversity in communication. Media such as the internet enables people to communicate with their friends, families, and colleagues in different parts of the world with ease through emails, social media, and video charts.In education, institutions utilize media in teaching through online class discussions, emails and videos to provide learning materials, hence, making distance and online learning possible for students around the globe to take place.Furthermore, through these media, employees can exchange ideas in various forums further promoting their work.Additionally, through the internet, stakeholders and business managers can conduct meetings via videos with other individuals all over the world.In businesses, diversity emanates from the ability of companies to work in different parts of the country or the world through the utilization of different communication tools.Thus, they benefit from global knowledge and expertise, manageable through electronic media.Moreover, the media promote communication through entertainment.Through televisions, people can watch movies, programs, documentaries, music videos and sports that not only entertain them but also expand their knowledge about various cultures, wildlife, and other nations.In short, electronic media can make a lot of difference to our society if it only wishes to do so.Communication is the passing of information by utilizing various media among them electronic media.


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