Effects Deforestation Essays

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Humans rely on trees in many aspects for their day-to-day lives.

Trees provide food, shelter, medicines, and a fresh supply of oxygen. “Amazonian Deforestation: Impact of Global Warming on the Energy Balance and Climate.” Journal of Applied Meteorology & Climatology 52.3 (2013): 521-530.

From “Q: Is the destruction of the Amazon’s Rainforest an Eco-Myth?

“Deforestation: Facts, Causes, and Effects.” N.p., 11 August 2010.

So remember do you think you know what deforestation is.

Deforestation is basically the clearing of forests on a large scale which often results in damage to the quality of the land. Just because we always hear people saying we need to stop cutting down trees doesn't mean that will end deforestation.Deforestation has caused many huge impacts on the environment and we should cease the logging and burning being done to it.Forests account for most of our global changes that have been happening recently, since they act as the lungs of the earth. "Loss of tropical forests reduces rain." Science Daily. Have you ever thought of how much deforestation hurts our environment? In this speech I will completely explain deforestation.As of 2014, thirty percent of earth supports forests, but that number rapidly decreases. Because of deforestation, Earth loses swaths of forests the size of Panama every year. The rainforest is home to many different species of animals, and they are rapidly losing their ecosystems and natural habitats. “It is believed that over 50% of the world's species of plants and animals are found in the rainforest. It affects the animals by when the habitats vanish, they do not adapt to another... “The Amazon Rain Forest is Not in Danger of being Destroyed.” Rainforests.


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