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Freeman, "Building a Writing Community: A Practical Guide," rev.

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Sometimes, he or she may forget what you were writing about.

Using too many adjectives is the best way to distract your reader and to make him or her bored. Make your reader feel each paragraph as if all the events are happening to him or her.

"Paragraphing is not such a difficult skill, but it is an important one.

Dividing up your writing into paragraphs shows that you are organized, and makes an essay easier to read. An unparagraphed page gives the reader the feeling of hacking away through a thick jungle without a track in sight—not very enjoyable and very hard work.

When you understand paragraph conventions, your audience and purpose, your rhetorical situation, and your writing's subject matter, you will be in the best position to decide how to use paragraphs strategically and effectively to teach, delight, or persuade with your writing." (David Blakesley and Jeffrey Hoogeveen, "The Thomson Handbook." Thomson Learning, 2008)​ "We think of paragraphing as an organizational skill and may teach it in conjunction with the prewriting or planning stages of writing.

I have found, however, that young writers understand more about paragraphing and cohesive paragraphs when they learn about them in conjunction with editing.

If you are one of those who cannot write or don’t like writing, an essay as a writing assignment may be frustrating. There are so many tips on how to write an essay, though they are rather standard than really helpful. You know already that each essay should consist of: ● An introduction, to explain to your reader what you are going to write about.

● A conclusion, to make sure the reader understood everything that you wanted to tell.

For example, paragraphs in a newspaper are quite a bit shorter, typically, than paragraphs in a college essay because of the newspaper's narrow columns.

On a website, paragraphs on the opening page may consist of more signposts than would be typical in a printed work, allowing readers to select which direction to track via hyperlink.


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