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At the same time, you may have also seeing many sites that were using this framework and you had no idea.The reason for this, is that Thesis is an awesome theme right “out-of-the-box” but it can also be customized really easily too look like “anything”. I guess you could call Thesis a Word Press Theme, however, it is much more then that.It is a code and design Framework built around Word Press that delivers a rock-solid SEO website code plus design flexibility that requires no knowledge of HTML or CSS to make customizations to your website’s design.

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Here is a quick screenshot of one of the admin setting pages so you can see more or less what they look like.

The control panel is really clean and makes use of drop down containers so everything is nicely organized and you can find what you need without having to scroll down forever.

Now here is a really neat feature about Thesis you are going to love: “The Multimedia Box”. Sure this is true, but what makes the multimedia box of Thesis so unique is that you can edit what appears in that area for every page.

This is a 300px by 250px (size can be changed) advertisement block that is by default on the top of the sidebar and it will allow you to rotate between different media (images, video, adsense). This means that you can provide better targeted advertisement based on your page content.

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Thesis theme is one of the best theme for wordpress. For blogging thesis theme is very useful and also user friendly.

As mentioned earlier, one of the best things about the DYI Thesis Theme is the ability to customize the look and function of your site via theme control panel which is easy to use and very intuitive.

But you can also customize the look of your site via what are called “child themes”, which are themes designed to work with the Thesis Framework and can be uploaded via your theme panel and they will automatically add a new style/design to your site.

Plus, Thesis is already very SEO-Friendly right out-of-the-box, so you can install it and feel comfortable that your site will be indexed.

Some of the key components that makes this framework good for SEO purposes are: You must remember that simply by installing Thesis on your site you will not automatically rank number 1 on Google, rather the framework provides a very good base and clean code to help make your SEO efforts easier and possibly more successful.


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