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Her poems have a great sense of meditation such as There’s a certain Slant of Ligh.. And Papa above are characterized by embarrassing poetic appeal (Pollack 30).I know that He exists is a poem whose main theme is skeptism. Dickinson’s poetic style was unique that all of her poems exhibit no form of linear development and liner punctuation hence her earlier poems are equally excellent as her later poems (Mac Neil614).Take a few notes, because they will help you when you actually have to construct your thesis statement.

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Her poems were characterized by her upbringing lifestyle and the England seventeenth century the metaphysical poems.

The two poets works were similar because their poems reflected upon their lifestyle, however, they contrasted whereby Poes poems were based on the theme of horror while Dickinson’s poems reflected about the traditional lifestyle that existed at the time.

Edgar Allan Poe was a reserved poet who wrote gothic poems using a supernatural style that enhanced the melodramatic within his works (Meyer 78).

Poe’s poems are characterized by a musical effect of words to the reader’s emotion as in the poem The Raven.

Dickinson is writing style is characterized by lack of punctual at the end of the line hence creating enjambments that form full stanzas.

Edgar Allan Poe Essays

Her love for dashes a creates hiatus at end or midline (Juhasz 50) Some critics perceive that Dickinson’s works defy convention because they were written during the 19th century when most of the works by women lacked themes and form.

If, for example, you have decided to write your essay on the humor to be found in his short stories, you will want to pick 3-4 stories, each one of which will demand a paragraph in your essay. Now, go online and search for “humor or irony in Poe’s short stories.” A recent search in Google brought up several.

And be glad it’s only several and not massive amounts.

You could, for example, explore one of his many written works.

You could also write an essay about Edgar Allan Poe himself.


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