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Bridge the divide between theory and practice while working closely with professionals from across the country through the Doctor of Education (Ed. The 36-month education doctorate is an innovative, cohort-based program designed to meet the needs of mid-career K-12 and higher education professionals.

The capstone project brings to bear the analytic abilities, professional understanding, contextual knowledge, and teamwork skills you’ll accrue throughout your Ed. program and more closely mirrors the challenges of contemporary education practice. Together you’ll progress through a prescribed 3-year (36 months), weekend-based curriculum.

Each year is divided into summer, fall, and spring semesters.

With its focus on evidence-based theory, action research, and collaborative discourse, you will challenge old ways of thinking, while learning to create new models of effective practice across a wide range of educational and business environments.

Learn how to complete your Ed D dissertation online.

Balancing work, life, family, and school can be challenging.

To get my assignments completed, I sacrifice sleep by waking up at 4 AM and working on weekends.

At the phase III level, you are no longer a student with deadlines; there is a lot of autonomy.

But time management is the key to success to stay on top of school work.” – Marcette Fochier, Ed D student “I use a life planner and schedule absolutely everything, including meals, workouts, study time, and due dates for posts and assignments.

I also pre-format my assignments during week 1, and save them in folders labeled with weeks 1 – 8 for each class. Last class, I got overwhelmed for a couple of weeks, but picked myself back up and finished strong.” – Anna Christine, Ed D student “The dissertation was unbelievable. However, I had the most amazing faculty chair who guided me and was encouraging and there for me all the time. It’s a mental and emotional challenge to go through the doctoral program.

It’s not gonna be easy and Concordia’s not gonna make it easy, but they will support you, and you will have everything you need and you will be very connected. Go all the way and keep your eye on the goal.” – Debra Harper, Ed D Watch a clip from our interview with graduate Makeba Butler, Ed D to learn about her doctoral experience at Concordia.


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