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Questions you should be able to answer would be: When you have everything you need to know about your customer, you can start focusing on the marketing strategy. Here are some of the key marketing channels: Make sure that you come up with a content roadmap that lists the next 15 articles you would to create and your strategy to create those content.How would you be persuading people to purchase your product when they visit your online store?

This is important to understand because it would have a great impact on your margins.

If you want to succeed it’s important to have products that are trending upward and are growing.

When you are done with searching for the relevant industry, the next thing to do is summarize what you find and answer the following questions: General Industry: So now is when we know you already have really great business ideas and it’s part of the growing market.

Now the next thing you should plan is how you’d drive traffic to your e Commerce website and get interested audience to buy from you. If you want to come up with a marketing strategy, you have to know your customer inside and out.

Since this store rep has talked to hundreds of customers this could lead to a lot of customer insights.

This insights is amazing because it could turn into really good business opportunity.Find the recent industry reports on your market choice, this would give you a good sense of how much growth the industry would experience.The valuable information you get would be the one you would use to guide your strategy.Before diving into the weeds, it would be a great idea to develop a framework of your business model in the beginning.It would be ideal to go through different sections of your business plan and conduct an extensive research so you could definitely make the tweaks to your business model. There are several online business models that could be employed and there are different ways to sell your product on the internet. Fact to take note of: there wasn’t a successful e-commerce entrepreneur that didn’t understand his or her target market ever.If there are trade shows near your area, create connections with people in your industry and this would stand as a shortcut from hours of reading on the internet.It’s also another good opportunity so you could talk to competitors, meet the manufacturers or suppliers, and understand where things are heading better.This is why this remains to be one of the most important section of this business plan.It would force you to understand the industry where you are operating in, the industry outlook as a total, the competition, and the demographic of your target customer.Before starting on this section it’s important that you research on your target market first.Industry reports are some of the good places to start.


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