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447 news stories, 27 blog posts, but only 857 tweets.

447 news stories, 27 blog posts, but only 857 tweets.

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This study looks at what will happen in the future if current production and waste management methods continue. Number 35, “Biological annihilation via the ongoing sixth mass extinction signaled by vertebrate population losses and declines” in PNAS.

This work analyzed the population declines and extinctions of invertebrate species due to effects from humans. Number 42, “Global risk of deadly heat” published in Nature Climate Change.

One of the central concepts of ecology is that of biodiversity.

Biodiversity is the large variety of life across the planet and its biological processes.

Ecosystems are constantly changing and evolving, sometimes changing slowly over thousands or millions of years, and sometimes quite rapidly.

Ecologists have sought to organize the world into what is known as a nested hierarchy, in which life is classified from the smallest (genes), through larger, more complex systems, from species to communities to the entire biosphere of the planet.Ecology emerged out of the scientific revolution unleashed by Charles Darwin, seeking to understand the development of ecosystems, biodiversity and the entire realm of life from the smallest organisms to the entire planet.Ecology is all about the interaction between living things and their environment, what are known as ecosystems.In this paper researches identify the human threshold for extreme heat by looking back at records of heat related deaths since 1980. Number 51, “Exceptional and rapid accumulation of anthropogenic debris on one of the world’s most remote and pristine islands” published in PNAS.This study shows how discarded plastic is no filling up the shores of once pristine and remote islands in the Pacific Ocean. The remainder of the ecological and environmental articles from the top 100 include: No.Ecologists are frequently involved in environmental impact and the management of natural resources.Emerging ideas about sustainability are key to ecology.The old TV news adage is “if it bleeds, it leads,” . gluten, smartphones, traffic, social media, coffee, the length of pubic hair), but they also want to read about big picture environmental issues too (e.g.plastic on beaches, water on the moon, new species, dinosaurs! I have culled through the list and pulled out the most talked about “ecology” and “environmental” research of 2017.Within biodiversity there is diversity in species, ecosystems, and genetics.Preserving biodiversity in a region is central to conservation and species preservation.


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