Early Assessment Program Essay

If you have any comments or questions, please let us know. as instruments of education policy and practice is growing.

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These might include individual assessments of various sorts, standardized tests, observation, investigation of social and cultural background, and interviews.

A corollary of this statement is that no test score should be looked on as infallible or immutable.

Information presented in earlier chapters— about early learning, about the episodic course of development in any given child and the enormous variability among young children in background and preparation for school, about the centrality of adult responsiveness to healthy cognitive and emotional development—leads to the conclusion that what preschool teachers do to promote learning needs to be based on Assessment broadly conceived is a set of tools for finding this out.

The second reason for assessing young children is to diagnose suspected mental, physical, or emotional difficulties that may require special services.

And there is much to remember about the developmental status of young children, including the nascent state of their attention and self-regulation abilities, that makes as- sessment even more challenging than in other populations.

The psychometric models on which testing has traditionally been based make standardized tests particularly vulnerable to misinterpretation (Shepard et al., 1998).” Assessments reflect the interest of modern cognitive theory in the processes of learning and knowing in a given individual.Assessment to support learning, the first and most important of these purposes, refers to the use of assessments to provide teachers with information that can serve as a basis for pedagogical and curriculum decisions.Widespread public concern to raise education standards has led states increasingly to use large-scale achievement tests as instruments of accountability (National Research Council, 1999a).Given their prevalence in the education system as a whole, it is not entirely surprising that the use of tests Although the terms are not mutually exclusive, the word “test” tends to be used to refer to standardized instruments, formally administered, and designed to minimize all differences in the conditions of testing presented to test takers.To serve our students, we collaborate with faculty and staff across our campus community, as well as our off-campus partners to promote the success of all our students. Please review our Services for more information on each of our programs and collaborations. Assessment and placement is the process Monterey Peninsula College uses to determine the appropriate English, Math, and English as Second Language (ENSL) level for a student to start in their first year of college.This process, one of the critical steps to help students start on a successful pathway, has been established to enable all students to be successful by taking the right level of courses.There are both individually administered and group-administered standardized tests.The group-administered multiple-choice format is what people often have in mind when the term is used.


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