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The purpose of this report is to discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce, as well as examining its potential for the future of business.

That means there’s plenty of opportunity to grow – but there’s also more competition than ever, too.

Launching a successful e-commerce venture takes more than connecting a valuable product or service with the right audience.

Dormify now sends each new subscriber a welcome message followed by a three-email series with segmented content.

This small but savvy change resulted in a 92% increase in email revenue.

An aggressive publishing schedule (they post up to 35 times per week) and expert SEO means customers find Zagg content easily.

When Writing A Persuasive Essay You Should - E-Commerce Case Study With Solution

By promoting products through copy, giveaways, and other promotions, Zagg’s content also drives sales and engagement.

The “Style Gallery” has also translated into 2.75 million Pinterest followers and almost a million Facebook fans.

Modcloth’s innovative engagement strategy has helped the company grow 40% year over year – and earn more than 0 million in revenue.

From driving traffic with killer content to identifying the right platform for growth, these 15 e-commerce case studies will help you transform how you do business.

Zagg, an online retailer that sells mobile device accessories, is a picture-perfect example of how good content can drive traffic to your site – and help you convert.


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