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All Ph D dissertations from 1997 to present are available to University of Iowa faculty, students and staff from Pro Quest.(2018), Matched delegation: linking work design characteristics, team roles, and demands of work https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.nwmgejpq PDF Castro, Ana N.(2018), The role of the anti-σ factor Rsi V in stress response in Clostridium difficile and Bacillus subtilis https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.fmozqe57 PDF Caswell, Brandon Christopher (2018), ⁴⁰AR/³⁹AR geochronology of biotite from ductile shear zones of the Ellesmere-Devon crystalline terrane, Nunavut, Canadian Arctic https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.lddtj6rz PDF Cernuto, Joseph Raymond (2018), Analytical, interpretative, and performance guides for conductors and soloists to John Mackey's Harvest: concerto for trombone, Drum music: concerto for percussion, and Antique violences: concerto for trumpet https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.bnetk4qe PDF Cervantes, Juan (2018), Tempering spatial autocorrelation in the residuals of linear and generalized models by incorporating selected eigenvectors https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.427izfq9 PDF Chamberlain, Tawny (2018), Individual, agency, and state economic characteristics: a comparative analysis across state-federal vocational rehabilitation agencies https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.mpjggy11 PDF Chang, Jennifer (2018), The neuropsychological functioning of children and adolescents with anorexia nervosa https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.oj0ooazp PDF Chang, Nai-Chung Nelson (2018), Identifying factors influencing hand hygiene compliance during the patient care sequence https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.c3vneeq6 PDF Chapman, Paige Renee Madsen (2018), Innovation attributes and electronic word-of-mouth: impact on likelihood to adopt health apps and health behaviors https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.cfv1-ua9q PDF Chen, Wei (2018), Does information asymmetry affect firm disclosure?If you would like to grant this permission to the University Libraries, please use this form.Theses and dissertations will be digitized as time allows and will not become immediately accessible.(2018), Unraveling the genotypic and phenotypic complexities of genetic hearing loss https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.h3om-klhg PDF Bozorgzad, Ashkan (2018), Laboratory evaluation of eco-friendly additives for warm in- place recycling technology https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.z9mr-m4aw PDF Bradley, Scott (2018), A kingdom Jack'd https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.f10x8ax1 PDF Braun, Patricia Rose (2018), Genome-wide DNA methylation investigation of stress: from a mouse model of chronic stress to humans exposed to glucocorticoids https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.mthqnslt PDF Bricker, Christine (2018), Vernacular geography and perceptions of place: a new approach to measuring American regional and political subcultures https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.zkmu4fop PDF Brightbill, Kathryn (2018), Do analyst teams issue higher quality forecasts?Evidence from analyst reports https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.8slxi9rz PDF Brockbank, Wyatt (2018), Bilingual families and information and communication technology at home https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.cqx23nsp PDF Brouwer, Janelle Leann (2018), Relationship between self-efficacy perceptions of the principal and collective teacher efficacy perceptions in four midwestern states https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.brmro9z0 PDF Brown, Samantha Danielle (2018), Sociopolitical development and career interventions: comparing two conditions of a career intervention with rural middle school students https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.3aax8nc3 PDF Brunette, Amanda M.strain ADP biofilms and planktonic cells using methods in gene expression analysis https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.0en256ha PDF Delgado, Justine Lane (2018), Design, synthesis, and evaluation of N-1 Aryl fluoroquinolones for the development of human topoisomerase inhibitors https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.2kl2-023b PDF Del Rio-Bermudez, Carlos (2018), Sleep-dependent sensorimotor processing and network connectivity in the infant rat https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.wec8uq00 PDF Deng, Wenxiang (2018), Measurements of retinal microvasculature in mice and humans with deep learning https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.84ques5w PDF De Pascuale, Sebastian (2018), The plasmasphere extension of Earth's atmosphere: a perspective from the Van Allen probes https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.wyxqpnmj PDF Dirks, Jazmine Paige (2018), Phases of a 1st year teacher https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.gyad7kt0 PDF Do, Anh-Vu Tran (2018), Controlled drug delivery systems and integration into 3D printing https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.20cnp38r PDF Dolter, Elizabeth (2018), Learning with the classics: an instructional anthology for the elementary to late intermediate pianist https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.lhgz9mri PDF Donahue, Courtney Margaret (2018), Ligand K-edge XAS studies of arsenic-sulfur and metal-phosphorus bonds, and synthetic explorations of 1,8,10,9-triazaboradecalin and related complexes https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.ymymr1ag PDF Dong, Can (2018), A modeling study of nucleation and air quality in the midwestern United States https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.qvtgdzfr PDF Dong, Runxiong (2018), Muon identification efficiency measured with the CMS detector at √s = 13 TEV https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.zlvop4he PDF Donovan, Brittney Marie (2018), Early risk prediction tools for gestational diabetes mellitus https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.c1g7200b PDF Drake, Chad Walter (2018), A study of nitrogen fate and transport in agricultural landscapes at the field, wetland, and watershed scales https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.1xm2-vn8b PDF Drummer, Emily (2018), Field of repose https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.kbvhy2e3 PDF Durgut, Suleyman (2018), Evidence of a narrow structure in ϓ(1S)l⁺l⁻ mass spectrum and CMS Phase I and II silicon detector upgrade studies https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.fxooie6m PDF Ebeid, Kareem Atef Nassar (2018), Nanoparticles for targeted treatment of cancer https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.13u7-m0w3 PDF Edmonds, Ranthony A. (2018), Factorization in polynomial rings with zero divisors https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.1r0asgxa PDF Elchert, Daniel Matthew (2018), Psychosocial academic behavioral skills and college enrollment: a quantitative analysis using logistic and hierarchical generalized linear models https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.tzvwobdi PDF Elkind, Landon D. (2018), A primarily Eulerian means of applying left ventricle boundary conditions for the purpose of patient-specific heart valve modeling https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.s8ro-dx6x PDF Godin, Lindsay (2018), Requiem for a drink https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.v98aw8fd PDF Goering, Daniel Denton (2018), The influence of perceived leader-follower role-identity centrality congruence on follower performance and work attitudes https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.n7xt7d7d PDF Gorga, Allison (2018), Conflict and resistance: the struggle for evidence-based practices in a women’s prison https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.qe5rcbcc PDF Gorin, Pablo César (2018), Alberto Ginastera’s Variazioni e toccata sopra “Aurora lucis rutilat,” op 52, an analytical overview for performers https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.c7ra2yif PDF Goyeneche, Cristina (2018), Embracing the fire https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.1u8sqvpi PDF Gray, Alyson (2018), Response of inexpensive particulate matter sensors following aerosol exposure and sensor cleaning https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.9npqgnky PDF Grimley, Lauren Elise (2018), Urban and rural flood forecasting: a case study of a small town in Iowa https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.50dadj9x PDF Grim, Rebekah (2018), Rig to flip https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.xptksi8z PDF Gross, Brett Patrick (2018), Therapeutic vaccination for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.gxfjbqz5 PDF Grubbs, Thomas David (2018), Efficacy of direct restorative materials in proximal box elevation on the margin quality and fracture resistance of molars restored with CAD/CAM onlays https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.5213gkyb PDF Grum, Holly (2018), Gradschooling: failing my way to success https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.o51x8sc9 PDF Guo, Huiyi (2018), Essays on mechanism design under non-Bayesian frameworks https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.n9ojxv4p PDF Gurevic, Ilya (2018), Studies on the hydride transfer and other aspects of several thymidylate synthase variants https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.85ia-8f9r PDF Haghighi, Babak (2018), Structural and functional assessments of COPD populations via image registration and unsupervised machine learning https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.yyei6qec PDF Hall, Jessica Erin (2018), Individual differences in the use of distributional information in linguistic contexts https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.3kywsnpk PDF Hall, Katherine Achsah Lisa (2018), Psychopathy: correlates of the MMPI-2-RF and the three-factor model of psychopathy https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.8fsgm5ex PDF Hamer, Jesse A.(2018), On positivities of links: an investigation of braid simplification and defect of Bennequin inequalities https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.fhxo-9mn8 PDF Hasan, Jeiran Zikretgizi (2018), A performance guide and comparison of three twentieth-century Azerbaijani flute compositions composed by Fikret Amirov, Arif Melikov, and Tofiq Bakihanov https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.p3cjug77 PDF Hasse, Erik Gregory (2018), Lowest terms in commutative rings https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.ekczfbru PDF Hawbaker, Rebecca Marie (2018), Using video modeling to improve the social communication of an adolescent with autism spectrum disorder https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.ypc2-o30p PDF Heacock-Renaud, Jennifer Lynn (2018), Hidden transcripts of resistance: Moriscos and the gendered politics of survival in early modern Spain https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.zrcr7nvv PDF He, Baosheng (2018), New Bayesian methods for quality control applications https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.pup57z4l PDF Heidema, Christy Rose (2018), Shp2 is activated in response to force on E-cadherin and dephosphorylates vinculin Y822 https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.ur0eexl7 PDF Hendrix, Nicole M.(2018), Perinatal supplemental oxygen alters the relationship between the hypoxic ventilatory and vasoconstrictor responses https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.0184y0dh PDF Hornick, Emma E. (2018), Contributions of NLRS to pathogenic and protective immune responses during influenza virus infection https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.2utdlrjq PDF Houdek, Matthew (2018), Common sense racism: the rhetorical grounds for making meaning of racialized violence https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.t4rmief9 PDF Hughes, William Edward (2018), Dynamics of skeletal muscle blood flow and vasodilation with age https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.rc51qwn1 PDF Huizinga, Nathan (2018), Association between occupational injury and early termination of employment among manufacturing workers https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.5kbjfgyz PDF Huq, Sikder Rezwanul (2018), Locally self-adjusting distributed algorithms https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.lumu-vzd6 PDF Hu, Yue (2018), Rebuilding the Tower of Babel: language policy and political trust in China https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.qm91kjns PDF Hwang, Jihyun (2018), Bridge the gap between cognitive attributes and mathematics achievement: which cognitive attributes for mathematical modeling contribute to better learning in mathematics? (2018), Quinazolin-2-yl-guanidines for treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders and the oxidative preparation of N, O-acetals linked to the amide bond of peptides https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.0i6x1vev PDF Isaak, Sophia (2018), Seven dreams in color https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.siqlj34i PDF Jackson, Lisa Marie (2018), Ocean views: women's transnational modernism in fiction by Elizabeth Bowen, Hagar Olsson, and Katherine Mansfield https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.c0t6-b8pu PDF James, Thomas David (2018), Discrete IP3 signaling requirements underlie acute and chronic forms of homeostatic synaptic plasticity https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.4gd0-098h PDF Janechek, Nathan Joseph (2018), Atmospheric modeling and experimental characterization of gas and aerosol phase cyclic volatile methyl siloxanes https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.th8goe11 PDF Jardine, Nicole (2018), Surface structure and saccadic control https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.jehtl9d2 PDF Jareczek, Francis Josef (2018), Mechanistic bases for the adverse interaction of nicotine and chronic pain https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.6kc60ly8 PDF Jarjour, Riad (2018), Clustering financial time series for volatility modeling https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.qlbn3dqf PDF Jayalath Mudiyanselage, Sanjaya Dilantha (2018), Surface adsorption of natural organic matter on engineered nanoparticles https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.7mcurnb9 PDF Jiang, Yuanyuan (2018), Full-body joint action in pedestrian road crossing virtual environments https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.jdgzkq05 PDF Johns, Adam Joseph (2018), Development of electrospun polymer nanofiber mats for removal of uranium from aqueous systems https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.mb72nfd4 PDF Joshi, Apoorva (2018), Trajectory-based methods to predict user churn in online health communities https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.d3sv8hc4 PDF Jo, Sung (2018), Targeting MSH2-MSH6 heterodimer in treating basal-like breast cancer https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.qaxasb6v PDF Jung, Youn Soo (2018), Essays in health and labor economics https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.x6m8f9ny PDF Kapoor, Somya (2018), The role of cellular redox imbalance, ER-stress, and autophagy in adaptation of metastatic melanoma to MAPK pathway inhibition https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.n7p7-3p5r PDF Karunaratne, Kalani Udara (2018), Probing the methylene and hydride transfers in flavin- dependent thymidylate synthase https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.47m7o9mn PDF Kelchen, Megan N.https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.cc105b2b PDF Ibrahim, Sherif M. (2018), Topical treatment of infantile hemangiomas: in vitro evaluation of novel beta-blocker formulations and in vivo characterization of lesional skin https://doi.org/10.17077/etd.wv5kg3q0 PDF Kelpsch, Daniel J.


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