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In this paper, we propose strategies for overcoming this impasse by shifting from collection-centric to user-centric approaches to defining metrics for special collections and archives, and by identifying appropriately precise measures that can be consistently and widely applied to facilitate cross-institutional comparisons.

We explore, for example, the potential benefits of employing a ―reader-hour‖ in place of the commonly used ―reader-day‖ metric, and correlating it with item usage data in order to gauge the intensity of special collections reading room use.

Since May 2014, I have been serving as Secretary and Librarian for the Dante Society of America.

My primary research interests relate to the history of libraries and collecting.

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By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. I have spent most of my career as a special collections librarian and administrator, beginning with reference and curatorial positions at the University of Notre Dame, where I also completed my doctoral studies in theology and philosophy.In June 2001, ARL held a special collections symposium at Brown University that led the formation of a task force to engage the agenda that emerged from the symposium.Following the task force’s final report in 2006, a new ARL special collections working group was assembled and given a charge that included “contributing to the work underway within ARL to develop qualitative and quantitative measures for the evaluation of special collections.” This past fall, the working group partnered with CNI to host a two-day forum on special collections that opened with a panel titled “Why Are Special Collections so Important?In our two-part paper presentation, Christian Dupont will begin by summarizing the key activities and accomplishments of the past decade of efforts to assess the role and contribution of special collections and archives to the academic library enterprise.More importantly, he will point to the significant work that remains to be done to define common practices and measures for assessing special collections and archival services.We also discuss attempts to assess the impact of instructional outreach through measures of student confidence in pursuing research projects that involve original documents as primary sources.Defining suitable metrics will enable special collections and archives to better assess and articulate their value propositions in the context of the rapidly evolving landscape of research libraries.Exploring the Value Proposition of Special Collections.” OCLC Research is currently completing the most comprehensive and detailed survey to date of special collections and archives; results will be published this summer.These two presentations will discuss current initiatives addressing the measure issues in special collections and university archives.In addition, I publish and present regularly on a variety of topics pertaining to the management of special collections libraries and archives.Other interests and projects are reflected in the listing of my books, papers, talks, and presentations as well as in my curriculum vitae.


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