Drug Research Paper

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It is exceptionally stunning that Indian students were found using like nail polish, whitener fluids, shoes polish as drug.

The dishonorable thing is they additionally use dirty water of their socks as drug.

[7] investigated that addiction to drugs is common among different age groups.

They also found that the young are more disposed to drugs.

Addiction is one of the socio-psychological issues of the current global community [4].

Addiction is an interminable state in which a man expends sedates over and over which prompts steady changes in his behavior, feelings, and thinking in which the individual loses his/her control and damages him/her or others [5].Conclusions: On the basis of our findings it is concluded that age and gender are the influential factors in mental health.Mental health; Age; Gender Health is the level of utilitarian or metabolic effectiveness of a living being.Use of drugs in India is rapidly growing people with different age group use various types of drugs which is a serious cause that is why the Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself called on the youth of India to make India drug free.Rich source of literature is available that highlights the impact of drug addiction on mental health few of them are mentioned here Khushehmehri et al.Received Date: June 19, 2016; Accepted Date: June 23, 2016; Published Date: June 28, 2016 Citation: Wani MA, Sankar R (2016) Impact of Drug Addiction on Mental Health. doi:10.4172/2471-271X.1000110 Copyright: © 2016 Wani MA, et al.This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.Indeed, even wine is common in our parties, marriage and so forth.Recently a report in Times of India shows children as young as nine years are succumbing to substance misuse [6].In humans, it is the general state of a man's brain, body and soul, normally intending to be free from sickness, harm or agony.It is a condition of complete physical, mental, social wee being and not just the nonattendance of malady or illness [1].


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