Doing A Literature Review In Health And Social Care

Doing A Literature Review In Health And Social Care-9
Conclusions: The study shows how thinking on integrated care for older people has developed, and knowledge of micro, mezzo and macro strategies is now more available.

In the discussion of the review findings, we outline the strategies that have been explored and then we attempt to identify the issues that remain unanswered.

Finding and analysing literature is particularly difficult where integrated care is concerned.

In this situation, ineffective use is made of the available hospital service and the overall cost of care is increased because in-patient care is more costly than care in the community.

From this accumulated knowledge about the difficulties that beset the care system the idea had emerged that collaborative working and integration of the various parts of the care system will minimise the problems that older people and service providers encounter.

material which had not been reviewed for publication.

Results: The study found that thinking has moved on from a focus on the problems of accessing services to exploring ways in which they may function in an integrated way.

Identifying and locating material was dependent on both expertise in retrieving and locating material through ‘insider knowledge’ [2] of the research team and the experts that they were able to consult, and expertise in using data searching tools and processes.

Analysing the material was similarly dependant on understanding the different professional and policy developments, which the material reflected and referred to.

Key informants were identified by the research team through discussion with the commissioners and from their own networking.

Material was retrieved from both electronic databases and from the grey literature.


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