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These goals cannot be satiated permanently, so they must be managed. Stockholm Syndrome will not apply in this case, nor will your attempts to provoke, because you are still the same bunch of psychopaths you were yesterday as you are today.

Each religious belief and every practice manages experience with one or more universal goals. Winning means being claimed as a God, which is curious because every MAN who has ever been claimed as God tends to lose their civilization shortly after. Since your all a bunch of frauds and liars, claim me as evil, "cast me out", claim the Roman Emperor as God, then I can wipe you out and get the hell out of here. Your efforts are wasted other then to serve as further evidence of the quite knowledgeable and intentional rebellion.

Religion and warfare in history Throughout recent history the martial function of religion was similar. This martial role of religion is very obvious for Muslims with their war cry of “Allah akbar” (God is great) and for Christians with their bellicose hymns such as “Onward Christian soldiers.” It is ironic that each of these religions bills itself as a religion of peace.

Yet, Christians and Muslims between them are responsible for many of the large-scale wars and foreign invasions of the past millennium.

Nations that adhere to religions of peace may be fond of smiting their enemies but they generally do so only if there is some practical benefit to be gained.1. Are we ready yet to agree that all violence is a 'being intent to cheat humanity'? is that there is a difference between religion (man-made) and christianity...... It is PEOPLE who commit these terrible crimes in the name of Jesus, etc., etc.......

Those that choose to do it are being intent to cheat humanity. There are 16 universe;l goals deeply rooted in human behavior.

Similarly, many of the conflicts in the Middle East are not so much religious wars as competition over land, oil, or other resources. Fine demonstrate it by reliable independently verifiable evidence.

Most world religions are quite jingoistic as opposed to small pacifist groups, such as the Quakers. Society without God: What the least religious nations can tell us about contentment. It's always nice to see an objective article, it seems to me that the majority of articles on the web are usually skewed one way or another. Until then, and unless you can provide the evidence one can only conclude that your deity is a myth.

Heathens, or infidels, were treated very differently.

Ultimately, conflicts amongst Christian nations launched two world wars, giving them a decided edge in blood letting over every other world religion.


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