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Ohio State University School of Music Cultural influence on the perception and cognition of musical pulse and meter / by Hsiang-Ning Kung (2017).

Leo (2016) Mortal sounds and sacred strains : Ann Radcliffe's incorporation of music in the Mysteries of Udolpho / by Olivia M.

Furby (2008) ​No child left behind : determining the impact of policy on music education / by Kevin W.

Gerrity (2007) ​The pedagogical benefits of duet playing : a Vannetelbosch companion / by Pierson Wetzel (2007) ​A study of the instrumental music programs in the secondary Catholic schools of the United States / by Caron L.

Molumby (2004) The professional life and pedagogy of Clement Barone / by Emily J.

Butterfield (2003) Teaching and learning jazz trombone / by Julia M.Van Aernum Barnes (1998) The quality of repertoire chosen by high school wind band conductors and the resources and criteria used to choose this literature / by Craig S. The effect of movement instruction on sixth-grade beginning instrumental music students' perception, synchronization, and performance with a steady beat / by Debbie Ann Rohwer (1997). Music teachers' attitudes, classroom environments, and music activities in multicultural music education / by Sharon M. Beery (1994) ​Preferred general music classroom activities among low-income, urban-minority middle school students / by Yvonne P.Young (1998) Music education as intervention for at-risk urban adolescents : self-perceptions, opinions, and attitudes about inclusion in selected music settings / by Christina Goss-Shields (1997) A teaching technique to aid the development of vocal accuracy in elementary school students / by Sandra L. Johnson (1994) ​Audition procedures and advice from concertmasters of American orchestras / by Joan Griffing (1994) ​Teaching young children compositional concepts to enhance music learning in a computer learning environment / by Derjen Jeney Sun (1993) ​An investigation of the relationship between selected personality variables and retention of students in the string orchestra program / by Ward Franklin Mowery (1993). ​A descriptive study of the post-secondary musical/cultural behaviors and attitudes of participants and non-participants of instrumental music ensembles from two secondary schools in eastern Massachusetts / by Donald Martin Dregalla (1993) ​The status of snare drum instruction in percussion methods programs of selected universities and colleges in Ohio and contiguous states / by Cary Dachtyl (1992) ​An investigation of the effects of visual diagnostic skills development on the instruction and acquisition of basic conducting skills for beginning conductors / by David Edmund Scott (1992) ​The development of pedagogical-content knowledge : two case studies of exemplary general music teachers / by Edward Burger Duling (1992) ​The effectiveness of mnemonics to assist middle school general music students' recognition and retention of musical themes / by Lynda Marie Dunn (1992). ​An overview of issues in music student teaching, related research, and a sample study of the effects of classroom characteristics on evaluation of student teaching / by Mark W.Bonse (2003) Writing modernist and avant-garde music in Mexico : performativity, transculturation, and identity after the revolution, 1920-1930 / by Alejandro L. Music in the Black and White communities in Petersburg, Virginia, 1865-1900 / by Ethel Maureen Norris (1994). Using hypermedia to enrich the learning experience of college students in a music appreciation course / Henry Edgar Duitman (1993). Reclaiming a music for England : nationalist concept and controversy in English musical thought and criticism, 1880-1920 / by William Scott Ball (1993) "De preceptis artis musicae" of Guilielmus Monachus : a new edition, translation, and commentary / by Eulmee Park (1993) The "si placet" voice : an historical and analytical study / by Stephen Daniel Self (1992). Tuning, temperament and pedagogy for the vihuela in Juan Bermudo's Declaracion de instrumentos musicales (1555) / by Maria Therese Annoni (1989). The Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music 1956-1961 : its goals, structures, programs, and people / by Cynthia E.Madrid-González (2003) Prokofiev's "Romeo and Juliet" : history of a compromise / by Deborah Annette Wilson (2003) Devotional music and healing in Badakhshan, Tajikistan : preventive and curative practices / by Benjamin David Koen (2003). An historical and musical study of Aaron Copland's first orchestral work : "Grohg, a ballet in one act" / by Roberta Lewise Lindsey (1996) The completed symphonic compositions of Alexander Zemlinsky / by Robert L. Bylander (1989) Music of the Shakers from Union Village, Ohio : a repertory study and tune index of the manuscripts originating in the 1840's / by Donald Edwin Christenson (1988). Holladay (1977) Theme and variation in twentieth-century organ literature: analyses of variations by Alain, Barber, Distler, Dupré, Duruflé, and Sowerby / by Larry Lynn Rhoades (1973) The music of Johannes Tinctoris (ca.Halbe (2004) The clarinet in early America, 1758-1820 / by Jane Elizabeth Ellsworth (2004) Prosody and rhythm in the post-Tridentine reform of plainchant / by Joshua Joel Veltman (2004) The musico-dramatic evolution of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "South Pacific" / by James A.Lovensheimer (2003) "Singing to another tune" : contrafacture and attribution in troubadour song / by Billee A.Engaging the heart : Orthodoxy and experimentalism in William Gadsby's A Selection of Hymns for Public Worship / by Deborah A. Cognitive ethnomusicological, behavioral, and f MRI study on vocal and instrumental rhythm processing / by Tsun-Hui Hung (2011) Networks of music and history : Vilayat Khan and the emerging sitar / by Hans Fredrick Utter (2011) Fashionable innovation : Debussysme in early twentieth-century France / by Jane E.Ruhl (2013) Chopin's Cantabile in context / by Stephanie Lynn Frakes (2013) Hmong music and language cognition : an interdisciplinary investigation / by Nicholas Frederick Poss (2012) The process that is the world : Cage/Deleuze/events/performances / by Joseph Edward Panzner (2012) Musica caelestia : hermetic philosophy, astronomy, and music at the court of Rudolf II / by Nicholas Johnson (2012) Diasporic p'ungmul in the United States : a journey between Korea and the United States / by Soo-Jin Kim (2011) Circles and circuses : carnivalesque tropes in the late 1960s musical and cultural imagination / by Stefan Firca (2011) One music? Harrison (2011) The Brooklyn Carnival : a site for diasporic consolidation / by Ken Joseph Archer (2009) Sheng Guan in the past and present : tradition, adaptation and innovation in Wutai Shan's Buddhist music / by Beth Marie Szczepanski (2008) Songs of the Ziegfeld follies / by Ann Ommen (2007) Modernism, socialist realism, and identity in the early film music of Dmitry Shostakovich, 1929-1932 / by Joan Marie Titus (2006) Music, drama and folklore in Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's opera "Snegurochka" ("Snowmaiden") / by Gregory A.For the audio files associated with this dissertation, click here. Percy Aldridge Grainger's "The Warriors" : an historical and analytical study / by David M. 1435-1511) : a comparative study of theory and practice / by William Eugene Melin (1973) The theatre music of Daniel Purcell / by Robert Squire Barstow (1968) The Huguenot psalter in the low countries : a study of its monophonic and polyphonic manifestations in the sixteenth century / by Howard Jay Slenk (1965) An investigation of fourth and fifth year pre-service music teachers' preferences for, familiarity with, and willingness to teach six ethnic music styles in Taiwan / by Chia-Chieh Wu (2017) A survey of piano teachers whose students have ADHD : their training, experiences, and best practices / by William David Mullins (2017) University music unit-sponsored, non-music major orchestras in the United States / by Laura Kerr Hill (2017) Rural school string/orchestra programs: profile and recommendations / by Blair Ashley Williams (2016) What is at stake in jazz education?Savva Mamontov and the Moscow Private Opera : from realism to modernism on the Russian operatic stage / by Olga Haldey (2002). Montage Shostakovich : film, popular culture, and the finale of the Piano Concerto No. "Anything you are shows up in your music:" : Mary Lou Williams and the sanctification of jazz / by Tammy L. (2015) Surviving set theory : a pedagogical game and cooperative learning approach to undergraduate post-tonal music theory / by Angela N.


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