Division And Classification Essay About Friends

Here is an example for you: Facebook has been a hit with social-networking website users regardless their age, race, geographical setting and so forth.The existence of other social-networking websites has never been able to compete with Facebook.Facebook users have always logged on to the website at any time for many purposes.

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Bloggers who use Facebook to promote their product can be named as Facebook promoter.

They promote their products and spend most of their time updating the latest news about their business, respond to their customers' questions or purchases on Facebook.

The last category of Facebook users is the blog-mania.

Blog mania can be classified as a political columnist, feeling-sharing loner and Facebook promoter.

Facebook features many entertaining games and quizzes.

Farmville, for example, requires its player to plough, harvest and get rewarded.

On the other hand, game addicts could also be a challenge.

Challengers invite their friends to play games on Facebook and compete with them. They are those who, not only play games; they also create their own games.

It has been shown that various types of people use the social-networking website, Facebook.

Some seek for friends; some entertain themselves while some broadcast their ideas or opinions.


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