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This article covers a list of Electrical Project Ideas by using different technologies and different branches like power electronics, industrial motor control, embedded systems, and so on.

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The main work of electrical engineers is to distribute energy for different devices.

They have to use their knowledge and skills of electrical engineering for solving various technical problems.

Areas of interest include: S-502 Solar Systems Integration Possible Disciplines: Power Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Atmospheric Sciences The Systems Integration program of the Solar Energy Technologies Office aims to address the technical and operational challenges associated with connecting solar energy to the electricity grid.

We seek postdoctoral research projects that will help address signficant challenges in the following areas: S-503 Concentrating Solar Thermal for Electricity, Chemicals, and Fuels Possible Disciplines: Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science Concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies use mirrors or other light collecting elements to concentrate and direct sunlight onto receivers.[1] These receivers absorb the solar flux and convert it to heat.

The heat energy may be stored until desired for dispatch to generate electricity, synthesize chemicals, desalinate water or produce fuels, among other applications.

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The dispatchable nature of solar thermal energy derives from the relative ease and cost effectiveness of storing heat for later use, for example, when the sun does not shine or when customer demand increases or time value premiums warrant.

Simple Electrical Projects can also be targeted in many areas of electrical engineering: be it a project for efficiency improvement, or for a better machine controls.

In addition to these electrical project ideas, there are many newer and developed technologies like renewable power and unconventional power.

Careful analysis of integrated solar thermochemical systems will be required due to the complexity of most chemical processes and the typically thin profit margins in commodity chemical markets. S-504 Photovoltaic Materials, Devices, Modules, and Systems Possible Disciplines: Materials Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Applied Physics, Physics, Chemistry In photovoltaic hardware, substantial materials and system challenges remain in many current and near-commercial technologies.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: This is a broad call and postdoctoral applicants interested in using heat from solar installations to create value-added products at a national scale are encouraged to apply. “Technical Challenges and Opportunities for Concentrating Solar Power With Thermal Energy Storage,” ASME Journal of Thermal Science Engineering and Applications; Vol. Research projects are sought in applied and interdisciplinary science and engineering to improve the performance and reliability of photovoltaic materials, devices, modules, and systems in order to drive down energy costs.


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