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David Cameron, the UK prime minister under the Coalition Government, has suggested that the UK, too, should measure happiness, a policy that has been scorned by both ends of the political spectrum.This thesis hopes to show that subjective measures of wellbeing through happiness are indeed relevant and that they are, therefore, as relevant to issues of public policy, as more readily quantifiable measurements pertaining to issues such as data and wealth.This dissertation questions, given the perceived failings of monetarism through the present economic global crisis whether, in applying the paradigm shift concept of Kuhn, a new eco-political reality is emerging in which the base assumptions of monetarism (like Keynesian before it) have also been found wanting.

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The Roman Catholic Church subsequently placed the book on its Index of Prohibited Books in 1690.

This dissertation seeks to analyse this work of Malebranche and also to place it into its historic context by reviewing the counter contemporaneous philosophical arguments furthered by, for instance, Antoine Arnauld and Jean-Jacques d’Ortous de Mairan.

The first was the move to Keynesianism and its resultantly becoming the principle doctrine of economic policy making.

The second was in the early 1970s when monetarism not only replaced Keynesianism but also debased elements of the basic assumptions that had underlined it, namely, that both fiscal and monetary policies were important in stabilising inflation.Suggested initial topic reading: Malebranche, the simplicity of God, and the Catholic Church.As a seventeenth century philosopher, Malebranche, suggested, in his Treatise on Nature and Grace (1680) that God had the power to prevent naturally occurring evils (such as his mal-formed spine).As a twentieth century philosopher Kuhn coined the concept ‘paradigm shift’ – when there is a change of basic assumptions.Within the field of economics two substantive paradigm shifts can be noted within the twentieth century.He further argued that God could have, had He so desired, created a better world than that which He did create.Malebranche also suggested that it is not God who is responsible for sinful actions because such acts derive not from His being or grace but from other sinful agents.In so doing he can be seen to be echoing the sentiments that he expressed in the Second Discourse regarding civil religion as being a legal institution. This dissertation seeks to compare and contrast Rousseau’s use of gods and civil religion as a means of strengthening the legislator with that used by Plato in The Laws.He accordingly notes that “[a]s men began to look to the future and as they all saw themselves with some goods (quelques biens) to lose’, and that ‘there was not one of them who did not have to fear reprisals against himself for wrongs (torts) he might to do another,” (Rousseau, Second Discourse, p. Suggested initial topic reading: The present global economic crisis: A new Kuhnian paradigm shift?In contrast, this dissertation looks at the measurement of well-being in terms of happiness.In so doing it looks at the state of Bhutan, the only state in the world to record an official measure of happiness.


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