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This is a multifaceted dissertation that would allow the writer to explore a number of themes and books and tailor the work to the particular aspects of Scott’s work that they particularly enjoy or associate with.Suggested initial topic reading: Analysing trends of sales: romantic historic fiction and recessionary pressures.

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Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Using two northern characters and authors and two southern characters and books, this dissertation compares and contrasts the role of women within the books and the way in which they are described.

In so doing it touches upon aspects of poverty and social exclusion and the role of single mothers and accordingly tests the hypothesis that northern women are traditionally portrayed in a grittier manner whereas those in the south are painted in more traditionally feminine tones within more stable relationships and surroundings.

Suggested initial topic reading: Sid Chaplin: The forgotten regional novelist of the North?

To what extent nationalism and regionalism can be seen as complementary or competing ideological traits is a central concern of this study.

Moreover, in the period of high brutishness to what extent can his novels be seen to have tapped into the public consciousness of the time?

In those articles, commentators bemoaned the introduction of ‘text speak’ to students work and questioned whether any value should be given to this language in the formal marking of examination papers.

This dissertation seeks to place such a debate into a wider historic context noting how street slang has, since the early 18rh century been steadily integrated into more main stream language and asking whether ‘text speak’ is, in reality, but the modern day equivalent of these earlier historic trends of language development.

Using the techniques applied to the works of Hardy, this dissertation charts a similar map of is a staple text of many a KS3 English teacher, finding resonance also within the KS3 and KS4 History curriculum.

Its depictions of war and in particular life within the trenches are well known – presenting a poignant but at times light hearted account of life within the battle field.


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