Dissertation On E-Procurement

The importance of procurement in delivering key aims and mission of the ministry, and as a result the procurement of merchandise, facility and services is of strategic significance to the Ministry: For years, improvement to purchase has been attempted, frequently by means of information technology.The concrete opportunity for development today lies in the use of e-procurement, the electronic process of obtaining goods and services for an organization Nwokak et al, (2009).

To a great degree the quality, cost, and judicious achievement of a task determined on the supervision and managing of purchase of materials needed.

Use of articulated policy and practice, considered by unbiased, just, and transparent measures, is vital, not only to create reliable and steady market that will be capable to catch the fancy of competent contractor and supplier, but also to uphold the paradigm of accountability and the cost-efficient use of civic treasury.

The solution essentially involves in creating all the requirement details/ specs, of a tender to be floated electronically, in parameterized form; so that subsequent evaluation & comparative chart preparation exercises could be automated to a large extent.

The term procurement can be referred to as the buying of tangible and intangible merchandise for organizations which can be executed through agency or company. It is a process and signifies a continuing relationship between the government and its suppliers.

The procurement process in the Ministry of science and technology (gov.ng)is a complex process that starts and ends in a cycle.

Procurement cycle starts from Raising of the requirements for an item or a service and ends only after settlement of supplier payments as shown in the diagram below.

Additionally, this study demonstrates that there is a high degree of commonality between the case study organisations in terms of their levels of adoption, and the factors that have affected such adoption.

Of these factors, there are four that are particularly important, as they haven’t previously attracted much attention in the literature.

Consequently, this study, which has been undertaken with five case study organisations spread across the UK Central and Local Government sectors, aims to add to current published literature, and in particular provide an understanding of the relationship between the factors identified which have affected adoption, and the extent of adoption of e-procurement solutions.

This research provides a number of significant contributions to current published literature including a comprehensive definition and conceptualisation of e-procurement and a holistic research framework which facilitates understanding the relationships between the level of adoption by the case study organisations and the factors affecting their decisions.


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