Dissertation Marks

A dissertation that is not submitted by the deadline date will fail.Both copies of your dissertation should be given to the Postgraduate Support Officer on or before the deadline date.

Should you have difficulties with your dissertation, always discuss these with your supervisor in the first instance.

Where a problem is unresolved, please then contact your Personal Tutor or the MSc tutor who will try to address the particular issues as soon as possible.

In addition, in order to proceed to dissertation, the student may not have module marks lower than 50% in modules that are worth 60 or more credits, Dissertations are examined in the Department and then sent to the external examiner for his/her assessment.

The MSc degree is awarded subject to a satisfactory standard on the dissertation.

You should note that many supervisors have their own research, conferences and other commitments, including dissertation supervision of students during the period from June to September, and are therefore not usually available for the whole of this period.

Your meetings/contact with the supervisor will therefore need to be scheduled keeping the supervisor’s availability in view.The frequency of contact and methods of working are matters for you to arrange between yourself and your supervisor.In general, each student has only one supervisor and you should agree (a timetable of) contact meetings with her/him.Some of the objectives of requiring a dissertation for the MSc are given below.These may help you understand what is expected of you in writing a dissertation.This should be agreed during term 3 and may be in the form of a sequence of supervision appointments at intervals over the summer or a more flexible arrangement.Students can reasonably expect 5 - 8 hours of supervision during the preparation of their dissertation and before final submission.Candidates for the MSc are required to write a dissertation on a relevant subject approved by the Course Co-ordinator.An average mark of at least 50% in exams is required in order to proceed to dissertation.General format information: Two copies of the soft bound dissertation must be submitted for assessment.Please note that problems with printers and other problems of that kind are not regarded as a valid reason for late submission.


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