Dissertation Kolloquium

Bachelor’s Thesis Depending on the degree program, 6 to 12 credits shall be awarded for the preparation of a bachelor’s thesis.

Calculated in hours, this is equivalent to a workload of approximately 180 to 360 hours for the thesis.

In such a case, please contact your supervisor as early as possible.

Should you be prevented from working on your thesis due to illness and are able to verify this with medical documentation, then the allocated time period for the thesis will be suspended.

To do so, you must register again no later than six weeks from notification of the results.

Please note that the thesis and final colloquium may only be repeated once (§24 (7) APSO (General Academic and Examination Regulations)).For the period in which you are working on your thesis at the TUM, from registration to submission, ( where applicable, any supplementary requirements in conjunction with your thesis, such as a final colloquium or oral exam) you must remain enrolled in your degree program (cp.§ 6 (3), APSO (General Academic and Examination Regulations).We, therefore, recommend that you choose the topic of your thesis before officially registering.You should first register when you can estimate that you will be able to complete your thesis within the prescribed time limit.You can find important information on dealing with medical documentation here Once your thesis is finished, you have to submit it to your faculty or school within the corresponding deadline.Please refer to the website of your school or faculty or contact your departmental student advising for the details.Please note that, as a rule, you must achieve further credits while working on your thesis.You will be writing your thesis as “part-time work”.Please inform yourself about the admission requirements in the FPSO (Departmental Study and Examination Regulations) of your degree program.Once you have identified your thesis topic and had it approved by your principal advisor, you must register for the thesis.


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