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The article was later posted by a professor on the Stanford Center for Teaching and Learning website.The Chronicle of Higher Education says nearly half of all doctoral students leave their programs without earning a degree, Lage-Otero reports.

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The difficulty associated with completing a dissertation “has resulted in a growing concern in higher education about the increased time-to-degree ratio for doctoral students and its impact on attrition rates,” he said.

Because of these odds, it is crucial for students to be aware of the dissertation process early on in their doctoral work.

“The closer I get to completing my dissertation, the more I think about the beginning stages of this rocky journey and all the tasks I should have done earlier and all the knowledge I wish I had then,” said Lage-Otero. “I realized that I only had two years of courses, and, by the time I got to my third year, I would already be in my dissertation period.

Although a comment like this would likely ring true for most people reaching the end of a long project, the importance of completing a dissertation is fundamental to earning a Ph. To avoid common issues, both traditional and online students attest to the fact that getting a head start on your dissertation process is one of the best formulas for doctoral success. If I waited until I finished my required classes to find a host university to do my research, I wouldn’t be done for five or six years,” she said.

Student interaction is also a significant catalyst for research ideas. Tom Ward, who graduated from Capella University, “had the benefit of sharing cyber classes with graduate students who were full-time educators in school communities across the country,” according to a profile on the American Association of School Administrators website.

Students were able to share ideas on common problems, which helped Ward develop a dissertation on integrating math into vocational studies that he would later apply as a superintendent in Missouri.Students in online programs typically work with their professors and advisers via email and discussion boards.Jacobs said that she communicates with instructors “primarily through email.” She noted that “it becomes extremely important to be able to write. If you are not able to do that, you really shouldn’t be in an online program.” Most communication is through email or text, but “there comes a point when things happen that you have to pick up the phone and talk to somebody,” she said. You have to feel comfortable to pick up the phone and talk to a stranger.Capella offers a Dissertation Writer’s Retreat, during which doctoral students can meet personally with members of the research staff to discuss concerns or get guidance.Programs like these are offered to doctoral students at many schools.“I haven’t begun it, but I have an idea for it,” Jacobs said.Not only is it beneficial to start planning your dissertation early, but the beginning phases of the process are some of the most important.One of the most challenging aspects of a doctoral education is the process of researching and writing a dissertation.Students carry out dissertation research in different ways depending on their discipline, but it will often consist of independent experimental research or intensive literature review.“With the dissertation, unlike other parts of an online program, it’s up to the students to get the ball rolling and take the initiative to contact advisers and begin doing the research,” Walker said. It’s up to you to take the time to say, ‘what about this.' ” By the time Walker was in her second year, she already knew what she was going to study and had secured a location for research. course plan outlines four years to complete the degree.She was able to complete her doctorate in three years, but notes that that was possible only because she had been working on it her entire second year. Students also suggest taking part in university programs provided to doctoral students to help decide on a topic, prepare for research and get writing advice.


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