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Most students have some form of both format revisions required by the Graduate College and revisions required by the committee/chair.

You will want to begin working on these soon after your defense.

You are required to hold a public defense of your thesis or dissertation on an ASU campus as part of your degree requirements.

You and your committee chair (or one co-chair) must be physically present at the defense.

The Graduate College requires that students use one of the True Type fonts listed below.

You should retain the same font and font size throughout your document (preliminary, main text, back matter pages); the only exception is endnotes and footnotes which may be in smaller point size.** Times New Roman (with no spaces between words) differs from the traditional font.Every page of your document must meet the margin requirements of 1.25 inches on the left and right, and 1 inch on the top and bottom.All materials including appendices, if you choose to include them, must meet the margin requirements.These theses are not available for Interlibrary Loan.To identify specific theses from this time period, Barrett maintains an Excel file of their theses; the file contains the year, title, author, thesis advisor and department/discipline.You must single-space individual footnotes and reference entries, then double-space between each note and entry.You should make every effort to apply formatting consistently, as indicated by your style guide and this manual, throughout your document.Barrett's collection is the only place where the Spring 2006 through the Spring 2012 theses are available.Please email the College at [email protected] use their Contact Barrett form to check on the availability of a specific thesis.Keep in contact with the Format Advisors at Once the 2-year ASU embargo expires, full documents are available through the ASU Digital Repository.If you would like to extend your embargo through ASU for 2 additional years, please contact the Graduate College by email .


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