Dissertation Aims And Objectives

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However, in that broad scope, the included aims shouldn't be over-optimistic or unrealistic about what you want to achieve.

However, in that broad scope, the included aims shouldn't be over-optimistic or unrealistic about what you want to achieve.

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Check that your aims and objectives contain methods that can sustain what you hope to find.

If they don't match, rethink the methods or aims and objectives of your research.

Objectives are typically numbered, so each one stands alone.

Each objective must have a concrete method defined.

Aims and objectives also let your advisers know how you intend to approach a given subject and how you plan to get access to subjects, goods and services, samplings and other resources.

They also provide plans for dealing with ethical or practical problems you may encounter.

Stay away from focusing content on your research site or job.

Stick to the specific aims and objectives of your actual research study.

If you're having trouble developing concrete objectives and methods, writing out a research timeline before defining your objectives may help.

Both aims and objectives should be brief and concise. Each aim should have one or more objectives describing how that aim should be met.


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