Disadvantages Of Essays

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After completing college and university education, students have a lot of job opportunities, also, for those who want to create job opportunities they have better prospects of starting businesses or projects (Andersen, 2002).

During the development of cities, people settled in areas which had well established natural resources; therefore, most cities have a lot of resources around and within (De Blij et al., 2010).

Cities have well-established universities, colleges, and schools; these make them the best place for developing human resources.

There are varieties of courses from different fields and levels, and students who move to cities have a wide choice of careers to choose from; this means that most of them will pursue careers of their choice, making their levels of success high.

They always appreciate the existence of cities because they consume their farm produce in exchange for money, and this helps them to improve economically (Potsiou, 2010).

Imagine a country where everyone lives in rural areas and has land.


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