Different Forms Of Creative Writing

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Plot setting is basically the background outline of your story .

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The novel may include several different settings over the course of the narrative, and more than one plot line may be present in this creative writing form.

Shorter stories that are too long to be short stories and too short to be novels are known as novellas. This relatively new craft is sometimes known as creative non-fiction, and it involves writing about factual events while paying attention to the quality of the prose.

Creative writing uses senses and emotions in order to create a strong visual in the reader’s mind whereas other forms of writing typically only leave the reader with facts and information instead of emotional intrigue. While you can certainly write a book creatively using the second person point of view (which I’ll cover below), you still have to develop the character in order to tell the story.

Character development can be defined as the uncovering of who a character is and how they change throughout the duration of your story.

Poems exists in early manuscripts since Palaeolithic age . The author is free to express his thoughts in an imperative way which can be immensely creative. Now how an author pens down different kinds of writing genre.

This is the base of any creative summary whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction.Memoirs often employ such writing, as may biographies, essays, anecdotes, and so on.Events may also be analyzed during the narrative to enhance any humorous aspects of the event, dramatic aspects, poignant exchanges, and so on.Even writing that is generally considered to fall into the non-fiction category can be written creatively, so creative writing is not limited to the fictional.Generally speaking, any story that uses figurative language, a narrative story arc, or other elements that allow the writer to focus on the narrative and writing rather than the simple relay of facts can fall into the creative writing category.Now the mode by which a writer ensembles the creativity can be explained by using following examples. Essays can be one of the most creative forms of writing . Fiction ( ) – These forms of writing can also be creative .Poetry is one of the most creative forms of writing. Here the writer comes with flow of words in synchronous manner which can define a mood in various ways. There can be descriptive essay, persuasive essay,personal essay. For example ,personal essays ,memoirs can be written in creative as these are written in first person .Novels are much longer stories that usually range anywhere from 60,000 words to 200,000 words or more.These stories also usually follow some sort of plot structure, though novels tend to have a more complex plot structure and more characters.From start to end, readers should be able to understand your main characters deeply.When you’re reading a newspaper, you don’t often read paragraphs of descriptions depicting the surrounding areas of where the events took place.


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